We all need an Indian outfit like this! Here’s why…

Since the Festive season in India has almost just begun, I am going to share some tricks and tips with my readers so you look like a million dollar without having to spend a fortune.
For us curvy women, the choice gets a little tricky as the type of fabric, the style of the outfit really matters. If you don’t choose the right styles for your body you might end up looking bulkier than you already are!
Let’s talk about this look I created and understand the styling behind.
Formal Indian Evening Wear – I have always found it difficult to buy the right Indian wear for myself even in the best of stores, so mostly I always end up designing my own outfits. This outfit is what I wore on my Engagement 2 and a half years back.
It’s a one piece with a dupatta, trust me it’s as comfortable as a maxi dress! Lol… I am always running after comfort.
I have put together some fabrics, of the same colour family but different textures together to get this look. To start with my mum had the floral printed silk saree which I wanted to utilize here.
To make it pop, as I was the bride to be I added bright red dupatta to this and boom..! We got the outfit of our dreams!


1. It’s long – hence it adds length to the body.
2. It clinches at the waist-defining the waist and then flowing downwards to camouflage heavier areas.
3. It has light textured fabrics – not adding too much bulk.
4. Layers – the secret to look good.




Let’s get to the accessories part of it – being curvy we already have some roundness to our  face,

so a lot of accessories will again add more bulk. That’s why I opted for this heavy maang tikka and small earings & chose not to wear any necklace and instead I wore gold bangles to add that royal touch. Trust me, girls, LESS IS MORE when it comes to accessorising! The more big, chunky jewellery you wear the bulkier you would look!







I really hope this information will help you style yourself in the upcoming season and make you look like a bomb!


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