One and a half day in Athens

Overlooking the land and sea with a glass of perfect crisp Chardonnay in my hand,there I was landing in the city of Hercules & Aphrodite!!

The feeling when I was still viewing Athens from the window seat – right in front the wing of my big aircraft, I knew I was going to love this city.

So I visited Greece in August this year (2018) and our trip started from Athens.

Most international flights land in Athens as its cheaper than taking a direct flight to any of the islands. And obviously I wanted to explore Athens too.

We flew Turkish Airlines from New Delhi, India at 6:00am and with a perfect 3 hour lay over at Istanbul we reached Athens Airport at 3:00pm.

With the kind of planning skills I have, I had the road map blue print on my mind and my dearest husband’s company to make me laugh all the time.

Quickly clearing all custom duties and did a brief video call to our family in India (thanks to the amazing hi-speed wifi everywhere), we headed straight to the metro station. No we did not take a Taxi to the main town, the metro costed us less than half of what the taxi would charge.

The metro station is right outside the airport. The airport line took us directly to Syntagma Square and there we changed to another line to reach our station which was Sygrou Fix.

Since we had limited time in Athens, I wanted to be living in the heart of the city, where all the action is – PLAKA!

We stayed at Hotel Athenian Callirhoe & I cant recommend this hotel enough. They made sure it was the perfect start to our trip. Our hotel was literally 3 minutes walk from the Sygrou Fix Metro Station & 7 minutes walk to Plaka.

We walked our suitcases to the hotel and had a comfortable check in.

After a refreshing shower and a cup of coffee we were now heading to Plaka.


Plaka had my heart at once, cobbled streets, arty corners,
local singers, gelato shops, happening cafes and
beautiful people all around. We walked around the
streets and enjoyed every bit of it.



It was dinner time already, you will have a plenty of options of cafes and restaurants when it comes to dining in Plaka and trust me it’s a tough choice. We decided on Estia Taverna (close to the cinema, there is only one cinema so you won’t find any difficulties to figure this one out). We enjoyed a delectable meal of grilled meat platter and chilled drinks to accompany.

Don’t laugh on me, I have a confession to make – on the dinner table, sipping my mojito I had tears rolling down my eyes… for I couldn’t believe I was already on my dream vacation.







Moving forward post the dinner I obviously had a gelato and took a mandatory picture and walked down to our hotel.

After a good sleep, we woke up fresh and excited to take on & explore more in the city. August is sunny and the days are pretty warm. So we had a lazy morning and a fabulous breakfast. The breakfast at Athenian Callirhoe was really the best.

Almost post 1:00 pm we left the hotel to go to the obvious spot – Acropolis!

I am seriously not a history buff & neither is Ashish (my husband), so we walked up to the Acropolis (yes walked up all the way, perks of staying in the heart of the city, you don’t have to spend on transport).

Clicked pictures, asked nice people to click couple pictures & in return clicked their couple pictures… hahahaa! Basically, everyone is clicking pictures at the Acropolis.

What I really liked about Acropolis was this rock on the extreme left of the entry of Acropolis, it was sooo windy and you could literally see entire Athens & for people who don’t want to spend 30€ to see the Acropolis from top can enjoy the view from here. (Ps – this rock also turns into a crazy spot for drinking beers after the sunset, this we missed.. but while we walked back to the hotel that night and took a longer route from the Plaka we figured this out).








After the Acropolis, we walked to Syntagma Square, watched the change of guard, and walked to Ermou Street (where you can find all high-end shopping brands and vintage cafès & luxury hotels). Post the long walk we went to Monastiraki and watched the hustle of this market and then to Plaka.

Since this was the second and last dinner in Athens, I didn’t want it to be anywhere other than Plaka. While walking around, trying to zero down on the dinner place, we came across this area with a group of 4 5 Tavernas, (cafes, Taverna is a Greek name for cafe) they kind of had a common courtyard and it seemed very interesting to me. I chose to dine in the most happening one out of them – Ydria.








The best food & drinks and Greek men dancing and singing!! Honestly, there was no better place to have dinner in Plaka that very night!

After a happy tummy, we then started to walk again, that’s when we took a detour from Acropolis and figured out that rock on the left of Acropolis had turned into a party deck! We were already full and tired & had an early morning train to Meteora so we skipped the rock! We will go back to Athens for the beer on the rock!!








Well, important information –

Train ticket from Airport to Sygrou Fix 10€ per person.

Hotel accommodation per night – approx 100€

Dinner at a good Taverna – 50 to 70€ for 2

Gelato – 2 to 3€

Burgers – 2 to 3€

Water – 1.5€ for a big bottle from supermarket.

Planning a trip to Athens and you have questions – ask me!


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