Monsoon Frizz?!

How much ever we love rain dances or enjoy sumptuous snacks in monsoons, one thing we all will have to admit is we hate the frizzy hair this rain and humid weather leaves behind.

While some are born with the envious non maintenance locks, me, along with all the other things have to pay for their tresses to look envious :p

And then comes our BFF to rescue – hair irons.

But the irony is, this humid weather wins over the perfectly ironed glossy hair and makes them turn into a frizzy land again.

So, I am going to share my hair care routine which is very simple, very budget friendly and will not harm your hair.

To begin with I NEVER oil my hair {in case you thought I would tell u to regularly oil :’D }. Ya once in a while when I want to splurge in the luxury of a head massage, I go for an extra virgin olive oil head massage (the oil to be just lukewarm). I have my choices!!

Jokes apart!! Let me just reveal the secret. Which is basically this hair iron that works wonderfully and has become my favorite over the years.

After trying many high rated branded hair irons, some of which are not even available in our country I finally found an iron which is easily available, takes care of your hair from wash to wash. Has a very friendly usage, has temperatures as high as 230 degrees for you in case you want your glorious curls.

How I found it – I saw a sassy professional hair stylist use it and I thought it must be the most expensive & most imported hair iron ever. And sheepishly I asked him – Ummm which hair straightener is that??

And there he told me a secret which stays with me forever and today I share it with you all.

He said it was – IKONIC HAIR STRAIGHTENER! And he bought it online on FLIPKART!!!

I mean I know, it sounded like is it for real? And he said it was for 5000 bucks!! I am not kidding I wanted to kiss him!!

And the truth is – Me and my hair lived happily ever after….

Ps – I usually keep the temperature at 190 degree, until and unless I want very defined curls. I always use a heat protector before ironing – these days it is Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist.

There you go fam… enjoy the frizzy free gorgeous tresses all year.


Sindrellastorie ♥️

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