Curvy Me, Linear World

Hi come again?

Oh did you say Big Maama, no wait you said flat as a pancake, or maybe Aunt Jemima! But you know what; you still did not get my attention.

Are you out of milky malts and onto your adult beverages yet?! Well I don’t think so!! Oh maybe you take alcopops then!

How can we be fighting since so long to prove a few extra pounds on our tummies and thighs do not make us CRIMINAL. Deadly decades back we were doing the same thing and today even after mental complex advancement and education we are still on the same page Bro.

It was some dinosaurs years back when Marilyn Monroe said (or you know maybe she was already predicting), “To all the girls that think you’re fat because you are not a size 0 you’re the beautiful one it’s the society who’s ugly (AF)!”

Even the generous mink above the derriere is called LOVE handles for a reason! And there is absolutely NO reason I can’t (winks).

“Aapka size nahi hai” (We don’t have your size – #DelhiStreetshopsBeLike) and quite arrogantly.

 Come-on! It’s your bad luck then.

What’s worse than a mother not giving her 6 year old cherub that slice of Red Velvet because she will become brawny, though it is out of pure love and concern of that mother, or maybe she doesn’t want her daughter to hear all that she has?


Don’t mistake me for disseminating Obesity. No I am not doing that. It’s my compassionate connotation to embark Plus Size in India as a reasonable alibi to live peacefully, to make curves be looked upon as Beauty and not Disgust.

I am quite proud of my nation when we foster scientists and render engineers. But I believe it to be a scandal when I walk into a swimsuit store and am looked upon as I am from outer space. I know how toilsome it would be for those docile teenage sweethearts. Try rooms become the weeping & self humiliations spots; and after a rigorous attempt to fit in that skinny garment you finally give up and start a new diet right inside the try room.

 I always preferred to shop alone, simply because I never wanted to let my thinner friends know that how disheartening it is to not find anything that fits me in their favorite stores. I never wanted to tell them I don’t fit into jeans available at the stores which they bragged about.

 And I can write this today because I once was at the spot. Today I can call myself as someone who is extremely canny in my skin, I never remorse for not being able to wear that pair of distressed shorts and that tank.

I can even do that, honestly! It’s all about carrying off the outfit; but rather I choose an attire that suits my silhouette. And believe me I do it with ultimate primeness.

 The svelte ones will sometimes look at you with benevolence and sympathy & at other times with disgrace.  If a sister will not understand a sister how do I even blame the entire society?

I follow almost all the curvy fashion bloggers in our country and I am so proud of each of them, I have a heartfelt regard for them for making an effort to change the plus size game in India. May you all be immensely blessed pretty women.

SindrellaStorie is going to be my beloved and cherished attempt to bring out the inner allure of every enchantress who has somewhere lost herself in the judgment of our societal critics.


Put your hands up, swing them breezy and CELEBRATE YOUR SIZE!!


With immense love,

SindrellaStorie  (Vigya Walia)


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