About Sindrella Storie

After years and years of contemplation and very deep thought put in, here we are! 

Sindrellastorie is a blog by Vigya Walia incorporating the journey of every beautiful woman, who is made to believe she is flawed & imperfect.

With the support of people who make us believe that we are not imperfect we grow, grow into beautiful minds who can then achieve and conquer. 

Here, we are going to talk about the evolving styles, fashion trends, how to incorporate them in our lives and on our curves, beauty, living… basically, anything you want us to talk about, from a shade of that lipstick to how high those heels were?! 

We have all battled self-humiliation, body shaming, low self-esteem, being not so confident about our bodies at some point in our lives… here on Sindrellastorie, we are going to help ourselves and others battling the same issues to emerge as powerful, successful, body positive and confident women. 

So bring it all girls… let’s talk!!

Letter from Vigya Walia

I am glad you decided to stop by and read about what I create here. I initially started Sindrellastorie last year as an Instagram page where I posted my everyday pictures and got the huge positive response from many beautiful, outstanding ladies asking details about how I style my clothes, what makeup brands I use and so on… There lay the seed of a small dream that I can… I can make it helpful and useful for so many of you out there. Having gone through body shaming myself in my teens and early twenties, I had kind of given up on me. I started a rigorous exercise routine and a crazy diet that kept me hungry and feeble all day. And as I neared my goal weight I started being unhappy, unhappy about a lot of things that were not me. But like they say there comes a changing point and that was when I accidentally broke my right leg and was on bed rest for 3 months and could not hit the gym or eat whatever that diet required me to eat & gained most of the weight back. It then occurred to me that I can’t fight this all my life… a few pounds can’t make me unhappy. I am what I am, why should I change because the definition of a perfect girl for others is something different. I started to accept and embrace myself, my thick thighs, my flabby belly, my round cheeks & everything else about me.

I am also very glad about marrying Ashish, my confidant!! He not only always tries to bring out the best in me but on days when I hate things about myself even today, he inspires me to fight it & take it to head on. He is the one who inspires me to get up and go for a small walk, do some home exercises to keep myself fit. very important to find the right spouse in life because they can either boost your confidence or crush it.
Today as I receive messages, emails from my readers about how my content helps them to fight the same battle, I get a feeling of a win. Every message makes me feel I have won yet another time and proved to this linear world that beauty is not bound in sizes, it never was and never will.
want to strive really hard to help every woman embrace her self, her curves & all her aspects which she thinks are her flaws but they are what make her… HER!! That’s her individuality.
Sindrellastorie will be your best friend and favourite read for all the topics you want me to address, I want all my readers to share their thoughts and build a very strong community which will never let any other fellow woman struggle and battle her insecurities alone…